Update: I am no longer booking weddings and am switching over to only photographing families + children.

...cliff's edge-seeking, wanderlust-possessed epitome of a hipster, I'd be lying. Truth is, most days you'll find me in the comfiest pair of leggings and my favorite, worn-in college T-shirt, living every single day like it's #nomakeupmonday. All while wrangling my two littles.

It's messy and very hectic at times, but all I have ever wanted to be was a wife and mother who works hard to raise her children in the light of the Lord while providing a good life for them. Here I am now, living my dream, while documenting yours.

Though I'd like to say I'm the camper-van driving...


You know the mom at the school play beaming with pride with her homemade sign and taking all the photos and videos? Yeahhh, that's totally me on your wedding day with a smile behind my camera viewable from space. Just say hello to your new hype woman!

That's me in a nutshell. But here's the whole deal...

Like "kay-lee," apostrophe style.


Apart from photographing you and your world famous love, my claim to fame is interviewing the most lethal sniper in U.S. Military history and a boy genius who went to Cornell at the age of 12.

Yes, in another life I worked in journalism, and with that background, I still keep that documentary approach when it comes to working with you. 

photos for GENERATIONS
to come


To me, there is nothing better than my husband coming home after a long day, eating dinner together as a family, playing with our boys, putting them to bed, and then sitting down on the couch to catch up on our favorite TV shows. If there is any place I love to exist, it's at home. 

Nights at home with my husband & our two boys

In the whirlwind of life called motherhood, nothing gives me a breath of fresh air like having an organized pantry, closet, fridge, bathroom, etc. I love scrolling through my "For You" page to find neat, easy ways to organize all the different facets of my life. 

Alllll the organizing tips and tricks

Quality time, to me, is having an intentional conversation or doing something with phones put away. While social media can bring great connection to people (especially during covid), I also believe that as human beings there are times we must step away and seek connection apart from screens. I might be old-fashioned, but I'm A-OK with it 😉

Time away from phones and social media

Ever looked at a photograph that brought back such a vivid memory, you could actually remember the exact sights, sounds and smells around you? Ohhh yes, me too! It's one of those fleeting moments you can hold onto forever, and if I'm ever in a nostalgic mood, that's what you can find me doing!

Flipping through old photo albums.


what to expect


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